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How CBD can level up your workouts

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Could CBD be a tool for better workouts?

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A growing number of athletes and enthusiasts are turning to as a quasi-performance enhancement supplement due to its many purported therapeutic properties, such as quicker muscle recovery, pain relief and improved . For now, CBD is still , so it makes one wonder if product claims that CBD enhances performance are true. 

Though most studies on CBD have promising results, findings are still mixed and not many studies to date are high quality. Plus, the hype around CBD overstates its benefits, and concerns about the purity of CBD products abound. In any case, it’s worth looking at the available evidence to determine if CBD can actually boost your workouts, or if you should steer clear of it. 

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How CBD could possibly make your workouts better

A growing body of evidence points to possible connections between CBD and physical performance, although these possible connections are indirect. Here’s what the science currently says about CBD and its properties that could relate to fitness. 

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