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What Kind of Food Do They Eat in Guyana?

Guyanese enjoy quite a lot of dishes on an everyday fundamental and as with many international locations, the meals tells concerning the country’s past, present and future. Guyana is the only English Speaking Country in South America and it is the house of Kaieteur Falls, one of many highest water falls within the world. There is not a scarcity of pleasant individuals in this country and it is also rich in natural beauty. Some of the foods which can be eaten listed here are as follows.

Pepper Pot

Pepper Pot is the country’s nationwide dish and it is a dish that came from the Amerindians or Indigenous people of the land. This meal is usually prepared on Christmas eve, or, in the early morning hours on Christmas day. It is then served for breakfast on Christmas morning. It is served with bread, wantable homemade bread and steaming hot or warm chocolate “tea.” You’d dip a piece of bread into the Pepper Pot and eat and when you’re holding the last piece of bread in your hand, you’ll use it to soak up every drop of this scrumptious and special dish.

A few of the ingredients of this dish are ox tail, beef, pork, seasoning and casareep. Cassareep is made from cassava root and it is a tick black liquid which can also be used in many other dishes here.


Metegee is an multi functional dish, which is made with ground provision and “meat.” Cassava, plantain, eddoes and potatoes are among the ground provision used and egg, beef, pork, chicken or fish is chosen for the meat. After the meat is cooked, the ground provision is gradually added to the pot, then some coconut milk, which helps to thicken the “sauce” in this meal. Of course, if egg is the only “meat” used, it is often added last.


In this land of many waters, parents don’t normally have to battle with their children to eat their fruits. Actually, it is the opposite way around. They’ve to inform them to stop consuming so much of it. There are many houses which have at least one fruit tree growing of their yards. It might be a mango, or a cherry tree, a pear, or a tamarind tree, Guyanese also eat guineps, pineapple, banana and the list goes on.

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