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Ultimate Fantasy XIV – Professional Crafting Guide And Expert Crafting Rotation For Ishgardian Restoration

If your aim is to farm Ishgardian Restoration scrips then you may do so more effectively with the level eighty common crafting recipes, which do not require penta-melded gear or god-like persistence to finish. As soon as you are comfortably pushing beyond 5k with CP and durability to spare you’ll be able to look into a greater finisher. If you happen to exceed these requirements then you can expect your expert crafts to achieve max high quality. Whereas not an official barrier to expert crafting, having lower than 550 CP will lead to failure, so if you’ll be able to cross the Craftsmanship and Management thresholds with gear and materia you might want to roll over the CP line utilizing meals. Should you wish to reliably max-out the standard of those skilled recipes, however, you might want to splurge on the Facet equipment, and aim to overmeld it.

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