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Concussions And CTE-More Sophisticated Than Even The Specialists Know

Second, no examine has evaluated even a single living participant to determine whether or not he or she exhibits the cognitive, psychiatric or behavioral indicators of CTE and then adopted that individual to autopsy to verify that CTE-associated pathology actually exists of their brains. A latest examine appeared to give a “huge hit” to the game of soccer itself, with findings that nearly all the brains of 111 deceased NFL gamers studied confirmed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The examine printed July 25 that confirmed CTE in one hundred ten of 111 deceased, former NFL gamers reflected a startling ninety nine percent prevalence rate. The results had been reported by information shops across the world, main many people to think that CTE is an all but inevitable final result of enjoying football or other sports activities. We additionally don’t know much about who develops CTE and who does not. On the University of Florida, our interdisciplinary staff has studied brain accidents in athletes, army veterans and civilians for many years.

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