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Hello everyone, I’m Qi Shao

long time no see

What about this video

Mainly for you how to register with your mobile phone number in mainland China

Google account is also Gmail account

And you can use a mobile phone number

Register multiple Google accounts

And don’t need to go online

That means there is no need to overturn

Sometimes after we cross the wall

When logging in to Google’s official website to register a Google account

Often encounter

This phone number cannot be used for verification

How to solve this kind of problem?

I also thought of some solutions myself

But sometimes you don’t encounter this situation

Sometimes this happens

I didn’t understand the reason

Is it with your home broadband

Or it has something to do with your VPS

Uh… I’ll try again later

This video is mainly for Google account registration on the mobile phone

All right

Let’s talk less nonsense

Watch me directly

I use my computer to connect to my mobile phone to do an operation demonstration

First, you need to download and install the NetEase Mailmaster APP on your mobile phone

Click to open

Let’s take a look at my mobile phone. There is no VPN or SSR software running.

Enter the Gmail account you want to register here

And select and then select next

Choose to create an account here

Enter the last name in Chinese

Then enter the name

Here he will automatically recommend it to you based on your last name and first name

We just delete

Then enter the Gmail account we want to register

Then enter the password

confirm password

Then click next

Phone number, enter +86 first

Then enter a valid mobile phone number in Mainland China

Then click next

At this time, 中国 与 Google will send a verification code to your mobile phone in the form of SMS

Enter confirmation code

Click to verify

The secondary email address can be filled in here or not

But I suggest you fill in a secondary email address to retrieve your password later

I just picked the year, month and day

But it’s better to be over 18 years old

Then select gender

Click next

Choose to enable now

Click I agree

At this time, the Google account, which is Google Gmail, has been successfully registered

You can allow NetEase Mailmaster to access your Google account

Okay, 中国 与 ( the mobile demo is basically over

I close the mobile demo here

Now my computer is connected to a node

Test the Google Gmail we just registered to see if the login can be successful

Open Google Chrome

Select Google account

Then click login

Enter the Google account we just registered

enter password

The Google account you just registered has been successfully logged in

Google account is also your YouTube account

A Google account can log in to all Google products and services

Including YouTube, Gmail, Google Cloud, etc.

And in this way, you can register multiple Google accounts with one mobile phone number in Mainland China

Alright, that’s all for today’s video tutorial

thanks for watching

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